Amy Hoy пишет много интересных материалов по тому как бутстрапить свои продукты. Этот пост один из тех, которые действительно попадают в цель. Очень ценные наблюдения и мысли для всех.

The reason the students resist the process every step of the way is because their entire self-concept is at risk:

They’ve never worked in an environment where results are all that matters. They’ve been coddled by parents, the school system, and their bosses. Their work is abstract; they rarely if ever see the end product of their work in use, they rarely if ever meet anyone who uses the product of their work in its final form.

Until now, they’ve always worked for approval, abstracted from results: the question has always been, Is this the answer the teacher wants? or Did the committee like it? — not Is it true? and Did it help the customer?

It’s as if Galileo dropped his ball and feather from the top of the tower and, as they fell, sought to convince his audience by argument instead of simply looking.

This is the way most of us grow up to live, learn, and work. And it’s toxic.